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Zen Do Ka Karate Kidz classes are all about kids having fun, developing fitness, coordination, confidence, self esteem and learning self defence.  ZDK uses simple English unlike “Traditional” Martial Arts which require learning some Japanese, Korean or Thai terms which are frequently mispronounced and misused. Children learn through games and fun competitions exciting tricks, spinning kicks and punches by hitting pads, rather than each other.

Zen Do Ka Karate; where every child is a winner and an achiever.

The first thing Zen Do Ka Karate Kids learn is:

 The Number One Rule Of Karate.

"Karate is ONLY  used for Self Defense, not to hurt people."  This rule is repeated in every class so it  becomes a mantra to live by.

Zen Do Ka Karate Kidz learn traditional forms, set patterns of techniques used to practice self defense against imaginary foes.  They also learn how to escape grabs, holds, headlocks etc,... and respond in a proportional way to a variety of attacks with restraint.
We teach children to be aware of, and how to avoid danger, abduction, conflict.

The Benefits of Zen Do Ka Karate
Children benefit from Zen Do Ka Karate in many ways. Training increases focus and concentration,
develops a child's coordination and fine motor skills. The reflex drills we do increase hand to eye coordination which translates to better performance in other sports, football, tennis, and other ball games etc,.... which in turn improves their self esteem and confidence.

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