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  • Zen Do Ka eye gouge, knee strike, head t...
    by Zen Do Ka on May 9, 2011 at 5:02 AM
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    The mugger grabs you by the lapels and threatens to hurt or kill you. Raise your arms over your head and bringing your elbows together, slam them down on the attackers arms, pinning them to your chest. Gouge his eyes with both thumbs, step back and drive a couple of knees into his stomach. Maintaining control of his head step back and do a head twist takedown. Throw him to the ground and make your escape. This is an extreme response to a lapel grab. (ZDK teaches less injurious Urban Survival Self Defense techniques that the practitioner can use to suit less serious threats. Warn­ing DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME with­out prop­er in­struc­tion from a qual­i­fied teach­er as it could re­sult in se­ri­ous in­jury or even DEATH!

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