Instructional DVD's

The Zen Do Ka Yellow Belt Dvd

On sale now $35

This DVD has been compiled specifically for beginners and demonstrates the Yellow Belt Kata, techniques for punching and kicking with an emphasis on safe practice to eliminate injuries to the practitioner and includes the basic punching combinations which are a requirement to successful completion of the  Zen Do Ka Elite Freestyle Karate Yellow Belt Grading.


Orange Belt DVD

Instructional Dvd on sale now $35

This DVD teaches viewers the Orange Belt Kata, techniques required to pass the Zen Do Ka Orange Belt Grading and also includes four other Zen Do Ka Katas, arm bars, the "Eight Angles of Attack and Defense," the famous "Dragon Claws" drill, armbars, takedowns and more.

The Zen Do Ka Blue Belt DVD.

Instructional Dvd on sale now $35

(Designs shown above for illustration purposes only. Actual DVD covers may differ.)

The Zen Do Ka Blue Belt DVD.

Instructional Dvd on sale now $35

Coming Soon.

The Zen Do Ka Freestyle Karate Kata book.

Includes step by step instruction to Zen Do Ka Katas in full colour.

         Zen Do Ka & WZKKA Patches

Sew these embroidered patches onto your jacket, t-shirt etc, and show pride in your club and the World Zen Do Ka Karate & Kickboxing Association.

$15 each.

Available from your instructor.


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