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                                      Bully Proofing

"Since Harry  (6 years old) started Karate, he has become SO confident. He doesn't let bullies push him around any more. Now he's not afraid to stand up for himself. I'm so amazed in the difference Karate has made in him"


(Lady Kickboxer, Mother of 2 Karate Kidz and wife of a Karate & Kickboxing Dad.)


                        Zen Do Ka Kickboxing technique

" I trained with a personal kickboxing instructor at "XXXXXXX" ( a big name gym) for 3 months and all he ever did was wear me out. I didn't feel like I was learning much, so I gave ZDK a shot and my technique has improved heaps.  Peter is a great teacher who forces me to do my best ALL the time.

As my package at "XXXXXXX"  (big name gym) was about to expire, I went back to finish the classes I'd paid for, and the instructor there was blown away with how much I had improved after a month of Zen Do Ka. He didn't like it one bit when I showed him a Zen Do Ka takedown which left him on his back on the floor.  Ha ha ha!"


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                                       Kids Love it!

"Great class today Sensei. The Kids love it and it's a real confidence booster"

Mila & Flynn's Mum.

                                            Weight loss

"In three months since starting Kickboxing at Zen Do Ka, my wife and I have both lost  15 kilograms each and we're both feeling great. Can't wait for the next session. Cheers."


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                                      Anyone for tennis?

"Since starting Zen Do Ka Kickboxing classes, my reflexes have improved a lot and it has improved my tennis game. Thanks a lot Pete!"


Swiss Club's Tennis Coach and 63 year old Kickboxing student.

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                              Trevor's opinion of ZDK.

I started practicing Zendoka 2 months ago. My initial objectives was simply to keep fit. However after a few sessions, I'd decided to go beyond that. I'd decided to practice ZDK seriously and more committed into the learning.

The encouragement by Sensei Peter is my main motivation. He has the passion for the art.

At first, I was a bit skeptical, but he invited me (and my partner) for a couple of trial lessons. We had fun and enjoyed. I did not feel left-out at all, although we are new to ZDK.

I had visited quite a few big-name gyms to enquire for kickboxing classes. I was rather disappointed with my search as most gyms are more interested in "selling" you their membership packages. No one cares about what you really can do, and what suits you. All they want is your signature on the membership registration form, so that they can meet their monthly sales quota and of course, their slaes commission.

My search ended the moment I visited ZDK School during one of Sensei Peter's training session. I know that he is committed to imparting his skills.

Now the only worry I have is my addiction to ZDK... Click the Contact Us button for our full schedule, pricing and or phone 9837 8637 to book a trial class and sign up NOW!...


Satisfied Clients

A Ladies perspective,..... 


There seem to be a lack of  “middle ground” Martial Arts classes in Singapore. One must either be a total exercise buff and join rather intimidating classes with grading systems and such. Or else be part of a “faceless” gym where there is fun to be had in classes but not much emphasis placed on proper technique. In contrast, Peter's Zen Do Ka classes are personalized, cater to most fitness levels and impart useful skills at the same time. The warm and friendly environment Peter creates makes martial arts more accessible to a wider range of people.


Although we are fortunate to live in a safe environment such as Singapore, I strongly believe that more young women would benefit from Peter's training; keeping fit while learning to empower themselves with self-defense skills. As such, I have been introducing friends and family to ZDK and we all look forward to training in Zen Do Ka.


Desiree Sara Chow


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I am attending Zen Do Ka Mixed Martial Arts, Karate and Kickboxing training as a regular health routine. I am 53 years young and believe the secret to youth is staying active physically. I am a recent addition to Singapore from the USA, and I am truly impressed with the attitude and social belief of maintaining a persons health, which I see throughout the communities and parks here in Singapore.  I believe Peters contribution to Singapore with his Zen Do Ka school, further support Singapore’s model of health and fitness.  There are other facilities in Singapore, which I also support by being a active member in good standing, but the locations and times available make it difficult to attend on a regular basis. It is my hope that I can continue with Zen Do Ka  Kickboxing under Sensei Peter Robertson.



Best Regards,

Mark Prindle 


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               Quote from muaythai forum

I JUST WANNA TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW MUCH I ENJOYEEEDDDDD PETER'S TRAININGS! He's a very committed trainer. Very patient, cuz i know how bad i was during the first training! By the second training, i can tell ya, it was all good! EVERYONE SHOULD GO AND GIVE IT A TRY WITH PETER! AWESOME I TELL YOU!





Conversation with Edward

After class today, as we were about to fire up our motorcycles in the car park, I had a Conversation with Edward. He was telling ME what makes Zen Do Ka so good.

Now, I don't claim that this transcript is 100% word accurate, but the conversation struck me so, that I remembered it very clearly, writing it down as soon as I got home.

It went something like this...........


Ed was talking about a discussion he had with a few other students who mentioned that they lived a fair distance away from the Dojo and cited that reason for not coming to every ZDK class.

He said “I told them; “I've been to many other Martial Arts classes, I've done Krav Maga and Taekwondo and MMA and Judo and the thing that makes Zen Do Ka the best is that the techniques are REAL. There is no Bulshido stuff. Everything we learn is practical and sensible. It's like Krav Maga, it's nearly there,....... almost the same.”

I (Peter) commented,”yeah I've done some Krav Maga, it is very similar.”

Edward continued, “yeah, without the traditional stuff, the Katas and stuff. My Krav Maga instructor always said, “you respond to the attacker appropriately and run away. It's always better to run than to get into a fight.” and that's what you (Sensei Peter) teach us. Disable the attack and take off. “


He digressed a little,..... “you know, before I started taking Zen Do Ka MMA classes, I was always angry, but now I feel calmer. After working out (with weights) I was always feeling aggressive, looking for a fight, if someone cut me off in traffic, I'd want to hit them. When I got in the lift and someone looked at me, I'd stare back and say “what are you looking at?” My wife would try to calm me down, saying “If someone looks at you top to toe, just look back! No need to get angry.” She's noticed that I'm calmer and happier now, since I started Zen Do Ka. She says I've changed for the better. Now I see people look at me in the lift and I smile and say hi to them.”


I (Peter) said “Yeah, lifting weights tends to do that, makes people aggressive, but hitting the pads and punching bag calms you down.”

Ed continued on the theme, “Yes, I think it's the variety of different exercises we do too. I feel looser, not so stiff anymore.”

I (Peter) commented “Yeah, you do a lot of running and weights right?”

He agreed. I told him, “When you do the same type of exercise all the time, your muscles get used to it, they adapt to those challenges and that's all they can cope with, and you start to stiffen up.”

“Exactly” Ed said, “I've stopped running now.”

I (Peter) protested. “Don't stop running. You have to cross train, you have to keep challenging your body in different ways to keep on top of your game, to get stronger, build endurance.”

Ed said "Ok" and went on, “You know after my first Zen Do Ka lesson, I was so sore and tired. I didn't know what was going on. I mean, I'm fit,.....I work out, I run ten Kilometres a day, but I was really knocked out after that first class. It's all the different exercises we do (in class). My friend said it's because I'm using muscles that I didn't use before and in a different way. I have lots of stamina for running, but when we work with the pads, we use explosive power, punching and kicking,... it's different. I'm surprised by how tired I get just doing a three minute round, but you know, I feel looser now,.... I'm lighter, I haven't lost weight, I'm still the same weight, but I feel lighter on my feet. I have a spring in my step.”


I ( Peter) smiled, Ed was telling me things I've experienced myself, but it is so cool hearing it come from someone else.


He continued, “Anyway, I was telling those young guys” (the three new ZDK students who live a long way from class) “You should stick with Zen Do Ka  and make the effort to come to every class,.. there is nothing like it in Singapore. Peter teaches us things that you can use straight away, you don't have to train for years before you learn something useful.”

I told them “I've trained with other MMA guys and they concentrate just on ground work. They're good with armbars and stuff like that, but not so good with stand up fighting. They say every fight ends up on the ground, but that's not true."


I (Peter) said, “Well it is if you knock the other guy down, but you don't need to go down with them. I'll teach you how to counter their takedowns.......”


"Anyway” Ed went on, “I told them there are loads of other Martial Arts in Singapore, loads!....but they all concentrate one thing, Judo, the throws, Taekwondo, the kicks,..... Zen Do Ka's got it all and as it grows, we grow with it. We are part of it. You can go to other clubs and stand in line with a hundred over people and they say kick ten times. With Peter, you get personal attention. He teaches us individually and we get better faster. It (Zen Do Ka) isn't real big now, but when it catches on it”ll be huge,........and I'm gonna be there. I' wanna get my Black Belt”


I (Peter) smiled at Ed and thought to myself, “With that attitude, you'll get your Black Belt someday.” After we said goodbye and got on our bikes and headed off in different directions, I thought WOW! What a pat on the back! This guy has tried half a dozen other Martial Arts and he's telling me Zendoka is the best! I smiled all the way home.


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Dear Peter Sir & Gina!


Million thanks for the free Zen Do Ka demo and trial class on 26 Nov 09.

I found Zen Do Ka is really interesting and dynamic martial art. Me and my colleague really enjoy.

Hope one day we will come for training (if time permit).

All the best and good luck!


Arjun - Gurkah and Singapore Commando.


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