Urban Survival Self Defence

USSD Seminars and Workshops are aimed at the lay person who does not necessarily have the time to commit to ongoing Martial Arts classes, but wants to defend themselves in the real world.

USSD seminars include practical Self Defense techniques as well as discussions on: 

improvised weapons
Target Identification
Proportional Responses to attacks.


Fight or Flight? 
Everyone has heard news stories of people being robbed, finding themselves in the middle of an erupting gang fight, of women being attacked while jogging or walking home.  Flight is always the first and best defense but what if there is no place to run or hide?

Recently Singapore newspapers reported that a woman was attacked within metres of her home by a man attempting to rape her. She was badly beaten and bruised. Luckily for her, the attacker was scared off by pedestrians walking past. One shudders to imagine what would have happened if he was not interrupted.

The brave young woman fought her way out of this bad situation, but what would you do if it happened to you? What can you do to protect yourself, defend yourself, save yourself?

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that “Something like this will never happen to me”. That kind of thinking leaves us vulnerable and unprepared for an unexpected assault.

I would like to invite you to take up Urban Survival Self Defence Classes to learn the best way to be prepared make to ensure you put up the best fight of your life… for your life! You will be personally instructed by 3rd Dan Black Belt, Shodai Sensei Peter A. Robertson.

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Do it NOW. It might just save your life

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